Karen Berger

Berger is a well-known name in the cigar industry for making some best Nicaraguan cigars and some of the best budget cigars. Enrique Kiki Berger was a loved man that helped and supported many of the new cigar brands makers. A good friend Jonathan Drew, the founder of Drew Estate Cigars, to name a few. His wife, Karen Berger, a Nicaraguan descendant, was one of the pillars Don Kiki holders for many years. No one knew why until he died, and she went all out to keep his legacy.

Don Kiki created some of the Best Nicaraguan cigars as well as super best budget cigars. Karen came back to the industry with a cigar that it is called K by Karen Berger Cigars. K stands for Kiki and Karen,” and it is the returning name to the cigar world. All the passion that Kiki Berger gave her was the strength she needed for the making of this cigar. Karen Berger cigars are now some of the best online sellers cigars!