Syn Cigars

SYN Cigars is a new quest in purveying the art of fine living by business entrepreneur Joseph Casimir.  His passion for cigars sparked during the first week at university in 1990. While flipping through the Robb Report magazine instead of a quantum physics book, he by chance saw a cigar advert with the tagline: “only 0.0000…1% of the world’s population gets to smoke this cigar, the rest are just poor bastards.” Determined not to be a “poor bastard”, he began learning about the enjoyment of cigars. Three decades later—after various business ventures and more adventures—Casimir, now an avid cigar smoker and collector, founded Tabacalera SYN in the Dominican Republic.  He is dedicated to produce the finest cigars accessible to the whole world, inspired by the beauty of nature and human ingenuity.